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Earlier in the year we announced that we would adopt a more proactive approach to 'co-regulation'. In making that announcement, we also set out our intention to develop and set clear regulatory outcomes during 2024. 

Our hope is that these outcomes represent the common aims and objectives of public bodies and meet the needs of Welsh language users as well as ourselves as the Welsh Language Commissioner, and most importantly that we all take ownership of them.  

Osian Llywelyn, Director of Regulation and Deputy Welsh Language Commissioner, said,  

“We have made a commitment to regulate with a specific and strategic purpose, and that we are clear on what we want to achieve when making regulatory decisions.    

"In order to do that, we want to introduce regulatory outcomes which will inform our regulatory approach, and we will direct our resources to cases where there are the greatest risks to the achievement of those outcomes.  

"We are keen to hear views and perspectives on these regulatory outcomes, and that can be done by completing a short survey that will assist us with our work into the future."  

You can read more about this work and see the survey here