Regulatory Outcomes

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Earlier in the year the Welsh Language Commissioner announced that a more proactive approach to 'co-regulation' would be taken. In making that announcement, we also set out our intention to develop and set clear regulatory outcomes during 2024.

Consistent with our commitment to implementing a co-regulatory approach, we are engaging with stakeholders to seek their views and perspectives on those regulatory outcomes. The proposed regulatory outcomes are below.

Outcome 1: Organisations with the capability and capacity to provide high quality Welsh language services at all times.

Outcome 2: Welsh language users understand and are aware of the Welsh language services available to them.

Outcome 3: Organisations display conscientious effort in considering the potential impacts of their policy decisions on the Welsh language.

Outcome 4: Organisations increase the use of Welsh internally, and enable staff to live a fulfilled working life through Welsh.

Outcome 5: Organisations promote, protect and nurture the language so that Welsh language users can enjoy and use it.

Outcome 6: Welsh language users have access to transparent and effective complaints procedures.

Outcome 7: Organisations demonstrate defined and effective governance to carry out its duties for the benefit of Welsh language users.

Our intention by introducing these regulatory outcomes here is for them to, amongst other things:

  • set the Welsh language Standards and our regulatory work in the context of the national vision of increasing the number of Welsh speakers and increasing the use of the language
  • provide public transparent statements of what we intend to achieve, and how we will be able to demonstrate when we have achieved it
  • ensuring that our regulatory activities are outcome-focused for Welsh language users and have the greatest impact on opportunities to use Welsh
  • encourage organisations to strike the right balance between a focus on strict compliance and achieving good outcomes for Welsh language users.

We are keen to hear views and opinions on these regulatory outcomes, and would encourage you to complete the short survey below.

This engagement period will end on 24 June.

Regulatory Outcomes Questionnaire

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