Cynnig Cymraeg Week

13 to 17 of May 2024 is Cynnig Cymraeg week

This is an opportunity to celebrate businesses and charities that take pride in the Welsh language by offering Welsh language services to the public.

During the week we will be celebrating the success of organisations that have received the Cynnig Cymraeg. We will also raise awareness of the Welsh language services available, and encouraging the public to use these services. We hope to see more businesses and charities using the language and receiving this recognition.

If you would like to know more about the Cynnig Cymraeg please contact us.

In our latest podcast, Mathew Thomas, Head of our Hybu (Promotions) team at the Welsh Language Commissioner is in conversation with Hanna Hopwood and outlines the work of the team and specifically the Cynnig Cymraeg. Joining them will be Harri Jones from the Principality Building Society. Listen below.

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The Welsh Offer is recognition by the Commissioner given to organisations with a strong Plan. Here's an opportunity to transform your engagement with the public by showing how proud you are to offer services in Welsh.

If you already have a Policy or Plan in place, we can work with you to develop it further and work towards gaining official recognition.


of Welsh speakers feel that providing Welsh language service helps a company make a good impression.


of Welsh speakers believe that charities should operate bilingually in Wales.


of the population in Wales feel that the Welsh language is something to be proud of.

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Welsh Language Development Plan 

The Scheme intends to provide your organisation with a clear plan to follow, to maintain, and develop your Welsh language services over time. It also demonstrates to public sector funding bodies that you are meeting Welsh language requirements. If you would like our help to create your Welsh Development Plan, contact  

After creating your Development Plan, it's important that you let your service users know what services you have available to them. You could receive the Commissioner’s official recognition for doing so.

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The team will help you identify at least five key Welsh language services. 

The Welsh Language Development Plan is your long-term plan for developing your Welsh language provision. With our support you will be able to submit your Welsh Offer for official recognition from the Commissioner. You will then be able to use the exclusive logo.

To receive approval the Commissioner must be confident that your Welsh Offer is a fair reflection of what is available.

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The Hybu Team will be there to support you every step of the way, as you:

  • work with us to produce your development plan and Cynnig Cymraeg (Welsh Offer);
  • submit for Welsh Language Commissioner official recognition and the right to use the Cynnig Cymraeg logo;
  • share internally and externally, promote, celebrate, and measure the impact.

For more information contact