Make a complaint

You can contact the Welsh Language Commissioner with a complaint if you have not been able to receive a service in Welsh from an organisation, or if you are dissatisfied with how an organisation has considered the Welsh language when making decisions.  

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You can complain about:  

  • The lack of opportunities to use the Welsh language;   
  • Difficulties using the Welsh language at work;
  • If you are not satisfied about how an organisation is treating or considering the Welsh language. 
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What information should I provide?

When making a complaint, please provide as much detail as possible, including: 

  • what happened and when;
  • who was the responsible organisation;
  • how you (or the person you are complaining on behalf) have been affected; 
  • any other relevant evidence or information, and;  
  • your contact details, and the contact details of the person you are complaining on behalf (if applicable) details of any complaint you have already made to the organisation. 
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If you are contacting on behalf of another person, you should explain why you are doing so.  

Usually, you will need to have been directly affected by what you are complaining about. In some circumstances however, you may contact us on behalf of someone else (e.g. on behalf of a child, or a vulnerable person). 

Let us know if you have already complained to the organisation. This will help the Commissioner know if he can consider your complaint. 

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Contact us if you would like to make a complaint to the Commissioner

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