If you wish to communicate in Welsh (e.g. when speaking or writing) with another individual you should be able to do so, without interference.

Someone is interfering with your freedom if:

  • they tell you that you should not use the Welsh language; 
  • they tell you that you will suffer in some way because you used the Welsh language.
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You can make an application to the Commissioner to investigate whether an individual or an organisation has interfered with your freedom to communicate with another individual in Welsh.

The Commissioner can consider investigating any organisation. This includes businesses and charities as well as public organisations.

What information should I provide?

  • Describe the incident
  • State who was responsible for interfering with your freedom to use Welsh
  • Provide any other relevant evidence or information

The Commissioner will consider the evidence and decide whether there is a case to investigate. If the investigation goes ahead, he will give his views on the interference.

If the Commissioner determines that an interference did take place, he will state his opinion on the extent in which the interference can be justified.

He can also give recommendations to try to prevent an incident from happening again.

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