Policy Making Standards

A number of public bodies have duties, under the policy making standards, to consider the impact of policy decisions on the Welsh language.

The intention is that organisations incorporate the wider vision of the Welsh Language Measure of ensuring that the Welsh language is part of the fabric of public life in Wales, in their decision-making processes. It is a way of ensuring that the Welsh language is included as a mainstream subject when public bodies decide how to carry their public responsibilities. 

This page provides guidance on how to ensure that conscientious consideration is given to the impact of decisions on the Welsh language.

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FAQs - Policy Making Standards: Consultation Documents

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Factors to consider when assessing the impact of policy decisions on the Welsh language

Factors to consider

Recent events

Seminar: Consultation Documents

Below are links to recordings of our seminar on consultation documents which considered the Welsh Language Tribunal’s far-reaching decision. The seminar’s aim was to analyze and explain the Tribunal's decision, and to raise awareness and understanding of what must be done to comply with the Welsh Language Standards when publishing consultation documents. You can access the presentations below:

Seminar:Considering the effects

Below are links to recordings of our seminar on policy making standards which aimed to raise organisations' awareness of the requirements of these standards and their effect on efforts to increase the number of Welsh speakers, and on creating opportunities for people to use Welsh in their everyday lives.

Advice document

The advice document offers ideas and practical advice on how to go about complying with the policy making standards including case studies and examples of methodology and templates to use.

Code of practice

Section 5 of the code provides practical guidance on the requirements of the policy making standards. Although these are a code of practice for organisations that come under the Welsh Language Standards Regulations (No. 1) the content is relevant to other bodies that are subject to the same duty in other regulations.

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Code of Practice for the Welsh Language Standards (No. 1) Regulations 2015

(Pages 92 to 98)

Code of Practice