Xplore! is a science centre in North Wales. Their centre offers science activities, exploration activities and fun attractions. Katie Williams, Business Development Officer at Xplore! discusses the process of going for the Cynnig Cymraeg below. 

Why is using Welsh important to you? 

Using Welsh is important to Xplore! as we acknowledge that it is an increasingly important part of the culture and identity of Wrexham as a new city and an historic Welsh community. It is important to communicate in a person’s chosen language and to ensure that we represent fairly all sections of our local community. 

It is particularly important for us as an educational charity that our beneficiaries, including young learners, can access our products in Welsh and hear and experience scientific terminology in context. This, in at least some small contribution, will help the language blossom and grow as there are few opportunities to experience science through the medium of Welsh outside of formal education. 

Why do you want to receive the Cynnig Cymraeg? 

It will help us to illustrate to the local community our commitment to providing a service for the people of Wales. It will also provide recognition to the staff for their hard work in having come this far on their journey and a boost to their motivation to continue to develop their skills and promote the Welsh language. 

Do you think the Cynnig Cymraeg will make a difference to your work? 

We hope that it will instil a new level of pride in the organisation. By working on our Cynnig Cymraeg, the language is becoming part of our internal working culture. 

Do you have any advice for other organisations that are considering working towards the Cynnig Cymraeg? 

Our advice to others would be not to hesitate and to get started! You can achieve quite a lot in a relatively short time. I would also say that honest self-reflection is key – you will not only uncover areas for development but also highlight what you are already doing that you can be proud of. 

What three things can you offer Service users in Welsh? 

  • We offer school visits to our science and discovery centre through the medium of Welsh including the delivery of a STEM workshop or show. 
  • We can deliver outreach to schools and community groups across the whole of north and mid Wales through the medium of Welsh. 
  • We have created an environment that promotes and gives quality to the Welsh language through the use of bilingual signage, Welsh greetings, and printed publications and publicity materials.