The Welsh Language Tribunal has confirmed the Commissioner's judgment in a case relating to the lack of use of the Welsh language in press conferences during the pandemic.  

The Tribunal has also agreed with the Commissioner's view that this case has highlighted a gap in the standards that should be addressed. As a result, the Commissioner has contacted the Welsh Government to improve the provision for the future.  

Gwenith Price, Deputy Commissioner of the Welsh Language, said, "The Commissioner is committed to ensuring fairness, justice and rights for Welsh speakers. This proves that the Commissioner investigates complaints effectively and adjudicates in a way that is sound and fair, based on evidence, and is prepared to act on behalf of people in order to continuously improve the provision.  

"At a recent meeting of the International Association of Language Commissioners it was noted that similar challenges had arisen in other bilingual countries at the start of the pandemic.  

“The need to respond swiftly in order to ensure that official languages ​​are respected when communicating in a time of crisis was discussed. It was recognised that Wales leads the way by ensuring linguistic rights with purposeful and appropriate regulation." 

The Tribunal’s full report can be viewed here