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Carmarthenshire County Council has confirmed the proposed development of 42 new houses on an estate in Porth-y-Rhyd and concerns have been raised regarding the impact of the development on the Welsh language. 

In response Efa Gruffudd Jones, Welsh Language Commissioner, said, 

"In considering the development at Porth-y-rhyd my officers contacted the council to enquire whether an assessment had been carried out regarding the impact of the application on the Welsh language.  

"In its response the Council noted that an impact assessment had been carried out for the county's Local Development Plan as a whole, and as the approval of this application was consistent with the Local Development Plan, they were not obliged to carry out a further assessment.  

"As this application, however, relates to a significantly larger number of houses than originally proposed, we recommended they urgently carry out an assessment of the impact of the proposal on the Welsh language, in order to share the findings of the assessment in advance with those who would be considering the application. 

"That recommendation was not implemented and as a result I have decided to open an investigation into the matter. The investigation will be in relation to the process the Council followed in deciding to approve a planning application in the Porth-y-rhyd area, and consider whether the Council complied with the policy-making standards in doing so. 

"The Welsh language standards create a duty on councils, when formulating or modifying policy, to consider the effects of a policy decision on the Welsh language.  

"We will make a further announcement once the investigation is completed."