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Earlier this year the Welsh Language Commissioner announced that a more proactive approach to 'co-regulation' would be adopted, of which you can read more in this blog. 

To support this work, a promoting compliance programme has now been developed as the Deputy Welsh Language Commissioner, Osian Llywelyn, explains, 

"Following proposing our co-regulatory approach earlier this year we engaged widely and the programme we have developed responds directly to the comments raised during that engagement process. 

"As a result, this programme is a combination of sessions targeted towards all organisations who are subject to Welsh language duties, as well as sessions that offer a specific focus for relevant organisations or sectors.   

"The first scheduled events are our "Dewch i Drafod / Talk to us" sessions, which will take place in two venues at the end of May. These will provide an opportunity to meet our officers and to have informal discussions with us about the work being done to increase opportunities for people to use Welsh.  

"We hope that open discussions like this will help us gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that organisations face in developing and delivering Welsh language services. We can then work together to consider solutions, take advantage of opportunities, and promote new ideas.    

"The full programme can be found here where the dates and locations of the sessions to take place in the first half of the year have already been confirmed. More details about sessions in the second half of the year will be added to the website as they are confirmed. 

"I look forward to positive and constructive conversations."  

If you wish to hear more about the co-regulatory process listen to our podcast with Hanna Hopwood discussing the plans with Osian Llywelyn.