A group from Tir Dewi after accepting their Cynnig Cymraeg

The Welsh Language Commissioner will hold an event at the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd on 18 July 2022 to discuss the Cynnig Cymraeg (Welsh Offer) Scheme, which is the Commissioner's official approval for businesses and charities that are committed to using the Welsh language in their work.

Part of the event will be a discussion panel chaired by Alun Jones, Chief Executive of Menter a Busnes. The discussion will focus on the importance of the Welsh language for businesses and the benefit they get from using the language in their day-to-day work. Part of the discussion panel will be representatives from Tir Dewi charity and Agri Advisor.

Nerys Llewelyn Jones, Head of Agri Advisor, said, 'We are looking forward to being part of the discussion in order to encourage others to see the benefit of the Cynnig Cymraeg. We have accepted the Cynnig Cymraeg to show our clients that the language is available to them. Working together with the Commissioner's team was a very positive process. We can support and give advice to people in their chosen language and our customers appreciate that.'

The Cynnig Cymraeg is the Commissioner's official recognition and is given to organisations that have collaborated with the Commissioner's officers to plan ambitious Welsh language provision.

The Cynnig Cymraeg scheme was developed by the Welsh Language Commissioner to ensure that Welsh speakers are informed what Welsh language services are available to them. Since the launch of the scheme in June 2020, recognition has been given to 55 businesses and charities for their Welsh language provisions, and the Commissioner's office is working with over a hundred other organisations on developing schemes.

Alun Jones said, 'The Cynnig Cymraeg is useful for businesses that want to expand their use of the Welsh language, and during the event at the Royal Welsh Show we will welcome businesses and charities of all kinds, sharing ideas and having the opportunity to discuss.'

He added, 'Being able to use their first language when dealing with businesses and charities is important for many Welsh speakers. The language can also be a tool to ensure that a business thrives and reaches audiences here in Wales.'

According to Gwenith Price, Deputy Welsh Language Commissioner, 'Holding this event at the Royal Welsh Show is an opportunity for organisations to raise awareness of their Welsh language services, to interact and to share effective practices. The aim is to see more businesses accept the Cynnig Cymraeg which will lead to an increase in the use of Welsh language services. Over the past year we have attracted the interest of a number of businesses and charities who see the value of the language in their day-to-day work, and it is great to be able to collaborate with them to develop their Cynnig Cymraeg.'

If you would like more information about the event or to register to attend, please contact hybu@cyg-wlc.cymru For more information about the Cynnig Cymraeg, click here.