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The Arts Council of Wales is a public body that funds and develops the arts in Wales. Read about their experience of receiving the Cynnig Cymraeg (Welsh Offer) below. 

Why is using Welsh important to you? 

The Welsh language belongs to everyone in Wales. It is an ancient and contemporary minority language that gives us a unique voice and view of the world. The use of the language is essential to encourage exciting, relevant creativity and Welsh for everyone in Wales. By using the language, we can feel and taste it and enable others to hear and experience it. 

Our aim within the Arts Council is for the Welsh language and culture to be at the centre of creativity; it belongs to everyone, an artistic celebration and a powerful artistic link between communities. 

Why is offering Welsh language services important for the arts in Wales? What are the benefits of doing this? 

The Arts Council of Wales wants to encourage, create and share creative opportunities that will contribute to growth in the use and ownership of the Welsh language by supporting the arts sector to place the Welsh language at the centre of their actions. We intend to achieve this by asking what the sector needs; listening and learning from each other and working together to increase the availability of Welsh language products and services for everyone. 

It is essential that everyone has the means to use the Welsh language creatively. Efforts must be made to ensure this. Through creative methods it is possible to explore our relationship with the language and discover new ways of using and sharing it. To make this possible we must ensure that our creative and artistic services are available across the communities of Wales. The result of this will be an increase in language use within the sector and within communities in Wales as well as an increase in Welsh and various Welsh artistic works. 

How important is maintaining a relationship and collaboration with the Welsh Language Commissioner's Hybu (Promotion) team? 

A positive and constructive relationship between the Arts Council and the Welsh Language Commissioner's team is essential to see real progress in services that support the use and ownership of the Welsh language. By working together, sharing expertise and resources, and celebrating our successes together we can continue to increase our knowledge and what we can offer the sector. It is important that consistent and reliable advice is given to our users. This is possible through collaboration. 

Why do you encourage arts organisations to work with the Welsh Language Commissioner towards receiving the Cynnig Cymraeg? 

The Cynnig Cymraeg is a particularly important and useful approval for arts organisations. The process of delivering the offer together allows organisations to secure a solid basis for all their users. To encourage the use of the Welsh language with the public and members of staff, favourable and constructive conditions must be created. Once the infrastructure is in place, we can work together and support organisations to take further creative steps. The Cynnig Cymraeg also gives confidence and security to the organisations and to us as a Council, that they are implementing what is needed. 

What is the benefit for arts organisations to accept the Cynnig Cymraeg? 

Confidence and assurance for the organisations that they are acting correctly for the Welsh language. We, as a funding body, have confidence that they are achieving what is needed for the Welsh language. It also tells us that the organisation takes the developments and needs of the Welsh language seriously and that they are willing to invest time and energy in those developments. With money in short supply and competition for funding increasing, being able to test actions helps organisations when looking for funding. 

Increased use of the Welsh language ensures that arts organisations are relevant to every element of the community they serve. By giving creative Welsh opportunities to everyone and supporting positive attitudes towards the language we will promote confidence in its use and contribute to the Welsh Government's goal of one million Welsh speakers by 2050. . 

Do you have any advice for organisations that are considering working towards the Cynnig Cymraeg? 

Don't be afraid to take the step. The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Hybu (promotion) team is extremely friendly and supportive. My advice is not to be afraid. Everyone will be proud to see you take this step to develop your Welsh language infrastructure. It is likely that you are achieving more than you realise already and only small steps will be needed to develop that further.