This year, 'Defnyddia dy Gymraeg' (Use your Welsh) campaign runs between 27 November and 11 December. This is an opportunity for organisations of all kinds across Wales to promote their Welsh language services. The campaign also encourages Welsh speakers to use the language in their everyday lives. 

Defnyddia dy Gymraeg

The aim of the campaign is to encourage everyone to use the Welsh that they have, and for businesses, charities and organisations of all kinds to promote Welsh language services that are available to the public.

People of all ages from all backgrounds across Wales, should be encouraged to use their Welsh everyday - at home, at work, in the shop, when socialising, on the phone, face to face and online.  

Defnyddia dy Gymraeg

Want to take part in the campaign?

We work with organisations across Wales to promote the Welsh language services available to the public.

If you would like to take part in the campaign, or for more information, please contact us.

Defnyddia dy Gymraeg

The work of regulating public organisations by the Commissioner leads to more services being available in Welsh, and it is necessary to ensure that Welsh speakers are confident to use the language.

The collaboration with businesses and charities through the Cynnig Cymraeg scheme, also increases the Welsh language services available from them.

Increasing Welsh language services and promoting them is key to ensure that people can use the language in their everyday lives.  

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Defnyddia dy Gymraeg

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