Codes of practice

Codes of practice are guidelines about the requirements of standards.  

To explain the requirements of standards in a practical way, the Commissioner issues codes of practice to organisations. The Commissioner will consult with organisations on their content before Welsh Ministers give consent to codes of practice.  

The Commissioner has published the following codes of practice: 

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Code of Practice for The Welsh Language Standards (No. 1) Regulations 2015

County councils, Welsh Ministers and national park authorities.

Code of practice regulations 1
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Code of Practice for the Welsh Language Standards (No. 7) Regulations 2018

Health boards

Code Of Practice Regulations No.7

The Commissioner has consulted with organisations on draft codes of practice for the following regulations: 

  • Welsh Language Standards Regulations no. 2 
  • Welsh Language Standards Regulations no. 4 
  • Welsh Language Standards Regulations no. 5 
  • Welsh Language Standards Regulations no. 6 

Codes of practice for regulations no. 2-6 were sent for the consent of the Welsh Ministers in September 2021.