Welsh language standards

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 is the legislation that created the Welsh language standards.

Welsh language standards promote and facilitate the Welsh language, and ensure that the Welsh language is not treated less favourably than the English language in Wales.

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Organisations can be subject to comply with standards in the following areas:

  • Service delivery 
  • Policy making 
  • Formulating new policy
  • Operational 
  • Promotion 
  • Record keeping 
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Imposing and enforcing standards 

The Commissioner can impose duties on organisations to use the Welsh Language – Welsh Language standards.

The rights which arise from the enforceability of those duties enable Welsh speakers to use the language when dealing with those organisations. 

The Commissioner also has powers to enforce standards that have been imposed on an organisation. 

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Imposing Standards

A statutory process to follow before an organisation must implement Welsh language standards.

The imposition process
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Challenge and appeal

An organisation may challenge and appeal the requirement to comply with a standard.

Challenge and appeal
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Codes of practice

Guidelines about the requirements of standards.

Codes of practice