Promotion and facilitation

Creating effective bilingual marketing campaigns

The Food Standards Agency has developed a robust process for creating effective bilingual marketing campaigns, ensuring that the final product is of the best possible quality and reaches the widest possible target audience in both languages.

Anglesey County Council's strategy to promote the Welsh language

Anglesey County Council have worked in partnership to develop an effective strategy to promote the Welsh language on the island.  

Ofcom raising their employees' awareness of the Welsh language

In response to the requirements of the standards to provide training courses for their employees to develop an awareness of the Welsh language, Ofcom has produced a video that has attracted praise from their staff across the UK.

Increasing opportunities for everyone 

The aim of this project is to contribute positively to increasing the numbers from ethnic minority backgrounds that eventually attend Welsh medium schools. 

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Tailoring 16+

To ensure that Welsh speaking students are aware of the opportunities available to use Welsh, Coleg Cambria gathers information on pupils from their former schools.

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Measuring progress of the Welsh language promotion strategy

When preparing a Promotion Strategy, Carmarthenshire Council looked beyond the specific target of increasing the number of Welsh speakers.

It acknowledged the importance of all the activities taking place at local level that were contributing to the increase in the use of the language and in the confidence of Welsh speakers across the county.

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Developing a Welsh Language Promotion Strategy

Cardiff Council’s aim for its 5-year Promotion Strategy, is to pay particular attention to internal and external consultation methods used by the Council.

Promoting Welsh language services

Carmarthenshire County Council  ran a campaign to promote the Council’s Welsh language services and to encourage the public to contact the Council in Welsh.