Welsh language standards and Welsh language schemes explain how organisations are required to use and consider the Welsh language in various situations: 

  • When providing services to other people; 
  • When formulating, reviewing, or revising policies; 
  • In the workplace; 
  • Providing staff with opportunities to use and develop their Welsh language skills; 
  • When dealing with complaints;
  • Promoting the use of the Welsh language;
  • Ensuring that there are robust monitoring and record keeping arrangements in place. 

The Commissioner ensures that the rights which arise from these duties are implemented. 

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Welsh language standards 

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Welsh language standards
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Welsh language schemes 

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Welsh language schemes
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The Commissioner has a regulatory framework which explains how he will implement his work programme of regulating Welsh language standards and Welsh language schemes.

The purpose of the framework is to explain how the Commissioner regulates compliance in general. It also explains how the Commissioner will proceed to promote and facilitate the implementation of the standards regime where appropriate.