The guidelines below can offer you practical help and support on how to use more Welsh in your organisation.

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Bilingual Sign Guide

A handy guide on how to create bilingual signs for your business. It includes advice on layout, how to avoid mistakes, and real examples from businesses working in Wales.

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Using the Welsh language on social media: A practical guide for businesses and charities.

Research clearly shows that the public value the provision of Welsh medium services by business and charities. This is especially true in terms of marketing and making direct contact. This guide provides guidance to charities and businesses on using the Welsh language on social media.

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Bilingual design guide

This guideline will give you advice on layout options when placing Welsh and English side by side when designing materials - from information leaflets, posters or letters to websites or brand packaging.

It provides examples and highlights the main considerations for different kinds of materials.

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Bidding for contracts and grants: Welsh language considerations

This guide has been prepared for those working under contract or receiving grants.

This is an opportunity to understand more about the requirements that may be passed on to them with regards to the Welsh language.

It includes an explanation of how to find out more about standards, what to check for in contracts and a few practical pointers on how to be ready for these requirements.

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Advice document: bilingual drafting, translation and interpretation.

This advice document is relevant for those who are responsible for planning the provision of translation and interpretation.

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Technology, websites and software: Welsh language considerations

An in-depth document on Welsh language considerations relating to Information Technology: websites, software, e-mail, social media and apps.

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Recruitment: Welsh language considerations

The guideline includes advice on issues such as workforce development, advertising job vacancies and language requirements in the recruitment process.