Welsh Language Standards

Welsh language standards are a list of legal requirements. The Commissioner decides which standards to set on organisations.

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The purpose of Welsh language standards is to:

  • Ensure clarity to people in Wales what they can expect from organisations in terms of the Welsh language; 
  • Ensure clarity to organisations in relation to the Welsh language; 
  • Ensure greater consistency in Welsh language services and improve quality to users.

Which organisations are implementing Welsh language standards?

There are over 120 public organisations implementing Welsh language standards. They include:

  • County councils
  • National parks
  • Welsh Ministers (Welsh Government)
  • General public organisations in Wales and the UK (e.g. National Museum Wales, S4C, The National Lottery Community Fund, Information Commissioner’s Office)
  • Tribunals in Wales
  • Social Care Wales
  • Education Workforce Council
  • Police forces
  • Fire and rescue services
  • Further and higher education colleges
  • Universities
  • Health boards
  • National Health Service trusts,
  • Community health councils.

Over time more and more organisations will be implementing standards.

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Compliance notice

A document which notes which standards an organisation must comply with and by when.

Compliance notices