Providing services

Introducing a bilingual web chat platform supported by a 'chatbot’

The Wales Millennium Centre has increased the digital provision for their customers, offering a self-service resource through the website. In doing this it was necessary to ensure that they continued to offer a high quality service to the customers who also complied with the requirements of the Welsh language standards.

Design and create bilingual content that considers the Welsh language from the outset

Increasing the use of Welsh language services has been identified as one of Welsh Government's priorities within its Welsh language 2050 strategy. In addition, the Digital Service Standards for Wales, published in March 2022, emphasised the need to promote the use of the Welsh language as a core standard, highlighting the need to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh within digital public services. The Centre fot Digital Public Services (CDPS) responded by reviewing and improving its process for designing Welsh and bilingual content.

Developing innovative translation software to help draft and publish live Welsh-medium

Transport for Wales had two different websites: one for general information and the other presenting specific information about the train services. A decision was made to create one bilingual website that would combine these two services.

Readers' panel: facilitating and increasing the use of Welsh language material

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board uses a group of volunteers (known as a 'readers’ panel') to facilitate and increase the use of Welsh material.


Bilingual technology toolkit: good user experience

The Welsh Government has developed a toolkit to ensure that information technology offers users a good Welsh language experience. The aim of the toolkit is to explain how to put the user at the centre of the design process when ensuring good quality bilingual design principles.


Adapting to a new world: Interpreting in hybrid meetings (adapter for the Zoom video platform)

This case study describes what Bangor University have done to be able to hold hybrid bilingual meetings or events using an adapter for the Zoom video platform.

Care Inspectorate Wales’ Data Tool

Care Inspectorate Wales have developed and published an interactive data tool where, from the outset, the Welsh Language has been fully considered as a core component. The bilingual tool enables people to search for the provision of bilingual and Welsh-medium social care and childcare services across Wales.

Ofcom providing public events online

When face-to-face meetings were prohibited under measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, Ofcom began to hold online events.

Welsh Language Online

As part of its modernisation plans, Welsh language digital provision is one of HM Courts and Tribunals Service’s key priorities. 

Providing via a third party 

According to Welsh Government, recruiting and retaining Welsh speaking reception staff has always been a challenge. Since the Government started contracting out reception services to an external company, the situation has improved. 

The value of upskilling 

In response to Welsh language standards requirements, and as it looked for ways to work more efficiently,  Vale of Glamorgan Council  has changed how it deals with telephone calls within its call centre. 


Nurse in GP surgery

Proactively Offering a Welsh Language Service  

Cwm Taf University Health Board offers Welsh-medium care on a general ward at Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda.