The Welsh language standards require that many organisations in Wales provide services, correspondence, meetings and all kinds of documents in both languages.  

We offer advice to organisations on matters relating to translation to equip them to make the best use of the services available. 

Procuring translation services

Search for a professional translator on the association of Welsh translators and interpreters’ website: Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru

Public sector bodies in Wales can benefit from the National Procurement Services’ Welsh translation and simultaneous interpretation services framework. You can find more information about the framework on the Sell2Wales website.   

Holding bilingual video meetings

This annex was prepared to provide quick advice to organisations during the Coronavirus crisis. The advice note is intended to give practical guidance on how to continue to offer high quality bilingual services whilst using videoconferencing software.   

Advice document: Bilingual drafting, translation and using Welsh face to face 

The aim of this document is to support organisations to make innovative, effective and responsible use of all kinds of translation services in order to facilitate the provision of first-rate bilingual services. The document gives due regard to the requirements of the Welsh language standards and the latest technological developments that are revolutionizing the translation process. 

It is divided to three parts, getting to grips with the three main methods of offering bilingual services to the public.

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Part 1: Bilingual drafting

Part 1 Bilingual Drafting
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Part 2: Text translation

Part 2 Text Translation
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Part 3: Face to face

Using Welsh Face To Face