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Mind is a charity that supports people with mental health illnesses. They seek to ensure that people receive the support and respect they deserve. Mind supports Welsh speakers by providing them with resources, information through the medium of Welsh.

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Read about Mind's Welsh language services below.

  • How important is it that you as an organisation can offer services in Welsh?

It is very important that Mind is able to offer Welsh language services. All our mental health information for young people and our most read adult information is in Welsh. Our services across the whole of Wales are available bilingually and our campaigners can campaign in Welsh or English. The language is central to the organisation, although we know we still have more to do.

  • What are the benefits of offering Welsh language services to your service users?

People can access information or campaign for us in their preferred language, so we know that the information and support will have more impact. We can use the language that resonates with people.

  • Would you encourage other charities to apply for the Cynnig Cymraeg?

Absolutely. The Cynnig Cymraeg has been key in giving us direction, accountability and bringing on board colleagues in Wales and England.

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