The people of Wales have legal rights to use the Welsh language.

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Welsh Language Rights Day was established in 2019, and 7 December marks the date on which the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure, the legislation that made the rights possible, was passed by the Senedd.

On 7 December annually we hold Welsh Language Rights Day to highlight and celebrate these rights. The main aim is to raise awareness of opportunities to use the Welsh language and to increase its use in everyday lives.

Mae gen i hawl campaign

The rights to use Welsh are created by the Welsh language standards; and on Welsh Language Rights Day we work with the organisations to raise awareness of opportunities to use the Welsh language. 

Welsh Language Rights Day is celebrated with a variety of activities on social media. Some organisations also hold special events in their offices or campus – COVID 19 restrictions allowing. 

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What do organisations have to do?

Learn about the Welsh language services available to you.

What organisations have to do
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Who operates Welsh language duties?

Learn about who provides Welsh language services.

Who operates language duties?
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