We offer free proofreading for bilingual text up to 1000 words (in Welsh). If you would like us to check text to include on posters, leaflets, on social media or whatever you wish, please contact us. 

We will work with you to build confidence as you use Welsh and to ensure that the work is correct.

Helo Blod (a service by the Welsh Government) can translate up to 500 words into Welsh, each month, free of charge for your business or charity.  They also offer guidance and advice specifically tailored for small businesses.

"The proofreading has allowed us to be certain that the materials we're producing in Welsh are correct, and means that we're able to increase our use of the language which can only enhance the experience of our visitors from Wales and further beyond."

Snowdon Railway

"The Welsh Language Commissioner’s free proofreading service is very useful for checking short pieces of text such as document headings and job titles."

Wales Co-operative Centre